The Tools of the Trade

Last month, a former AAHA team member, Chris Dwan, was featured on the Marshalltown Company Facebook page. The post features a photo of Chris using a Marshalltown trowel to excavate one of the many test units opened at the Cloverfields Site in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland; a merchant plantation site that served as a colonial Eastern Shore hub of commerce and the home of Hemsley Family for almost 200 years.

AAHA has been conducting excavations at Cloverfields since January 2018 and Chris Dwan has been an invaluable member of the Cloverfields archaeological team. Many of the archaeologists excavating at Cloverfields use Marshalltown trowels, and according to Chris “they’re the best ones for the job!”

Chris Dwan excavates at Cloverfields

Chris has since moved on to begin a doctorate program in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, where his research scope will be “landscape stability and the foundation of social memory in prehistoric Britain.” The AAHA team is looking forward to working with Chris and his lightning troweling skills again after he receives his PhD in 2021.

Author: Kristen Browne